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Take a look at our campsite in the Empty Quarter. We're camping on a sand ramp in the setting sun, and life is good.

Sand ramps like these make it possible to travel against the grain in the massive dunes of the Mundafin.

It's impossible to drive up one-hundred foot slip faces if you want to travel against the dunes, but if you are patient and have plenty of fuel, every four to five kilometers you can find a sand ramp that will let you ascend up the front side of a dune.

Camping in the Mundafin is like hitting the jackpot and winning first prize. Just being there makes me a winner. I am one of a select few who have ever been privileged to explore these remote sands.

I hear a lot of talk these days about violence, war, gangs, drugs, corruption, and politicians who are unresponsive to the will of the people. I can understand why people question whether life is really good.

If there's any question in your mind, let me put your doubts and fears to rest. Life is good all the way to the bone.

Life is all about focus. If you focus on all the muck, mire, and dross, then you will have a miserable existence. But if you focus on all that's good, your life turns into an unforgettable adventure.

I've thought about this a great deal, and I've tested it in the crucible of life. God made a great world, and He populated it with life. When he was done, He pronounced his creation good. Not only did He make a good world, He gave you a good mind, and if you focus that mind on good things, you will end up living your dreams.

Life is a gift, and being alive makes you a winner from the day you arrive on planet earth. You won the lottery of life, and the good news doesn't stop there. There's no limit to how good your life can become.

As long as you focus on good things, you life will get better and better.

Dr. Dave

Captain Dave - David J. Abbott M.D.





Exit Only

See what it's like for a family to sail around the world on a small catamaran

Captain Save Our Souls

Awesome music video that captures the essence of what it's like to sail offshore in a catamaran around the world when conditions are less than perfect. David Abbott from Too Many Drummers sings the vocals, and he also edited the footage from our Red Sea adventures. This is the theme song from the Red Sea Chronicles.

Red Sea Blues

Sailing up the Red Sea is not for the faint of heart. From the Bab al Mandeb to the Suez Canal, adventures and adversity are in abundance. If you take things too seriously, you just might get the Red Sea Blues.

Red Sea Chronicles Trailer

If you like drum beats, and you like adventure, then have a listen to the Red Sea Chronicles Trailer.

Red Sea Chronicles Episode 1 - When Flying Fish Attack

Flying fish assault Exit Only in the middle of the night as we sail through the Arabian Gulf from the Maldives to Oman. And so begins our Red Sea adventures.

Red Sea Chronicles Episode 2 - Pirate Alley

Sailing through Pirate Alley between Yemen and Somalia involves calculated risk. It may not be Russian Roulette, but it is a bit of a worry. Follow Team Maxing Out as they navigate through Pirate Alley.

Red Sea Chronicles Episode 3 - Aden, Yemen

Stopping in Yemen was just what the doctor ordered. We refueled, repaired our alternator, and we made friends with our gracious Yemeni hosts. We also went to Baskins Robbins as a reward for surviving Pirate Alley.

Red Sea Chronicles Episode 4- Gate of Sorrows and Sandstorms

After you survive Pirate Alley, you must sail through the Gate of Sorrows (Bab Al Mandab) at the southern entrance to the Red Sea. The Gate of Sorrows lived up to its name with fifty knots of wind and a sandstorm that pummeled Exit Only for two days. Life is good.

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